Coffee oh coffee my one true love – Customs Brew Bar + cake…



Yes. I will admit I am obsessed. I have a black coffee every morning made with a Swiss Gold filter, if I don’t have it within the first hour, I get an awful headache, and so grouchy its scary. But you may ask, “Laura, you are 15, why the coffee?”

Blame my Father. Seriously, its all his fault.

I guess he couldn’t help it. I mean, his is in the coffee business… and I love it. I mean, who would’t love an endless supply of free coffee?

Dad (Chris) started the coffee business 20 years ago. He and Mum were running a cafe called Reds (my mum’s a red head), and their coffee supplier went broke and kinda fell apart. So dad did a deal with the liquidators and started Coffee Supreme.  Since then Coffee Supreme had grown to be one of the best and largest independent coffee roasters & suppliers in New Zealand!  Whoa go Dad! They supply places all over New Zealand and in Melbourne, Australia. Awesome.

Here’s the website… you know… I’m just supporting the family business…


Really this post was meant to be about the brew bar called Customs, so lets get back to that…

Customs opened in 2010, And since then it has become one of the most popular coffee house in Wellington. It is located at 39 Ghuznee St, a great spot tucked in-between the lovely Quilters Bookshop, and my favourite gallery in the world, Bowen Galleries.

Now I Don’t just love Customs Brew bar Because I get free coffee there, the staff are the most friendly, lovely, interesting people who can tell you anything you want to know about coffee. The brew bar is beautiful and made out of lovely wood with cool 1960’s style interior, they always have wicked music on the turn table.  Of course the food is just smashing also! Customs get their food delivered to them from a deli out in Strathmore called Gipsy Kitchen.

This food is seriously good tucker. One of my favourite thing to do is go to Customs with my dad and sit down with a slice of cherry pie to share, a lovely pot of coffee, and just watch the street outside the ceiling to floor window, listening to the conversations and sipping my coffee. Its great to go there at lunch too, and maybe get one of the amazing fresh sandwiches, or a spicy quesadilla!


I always leave happy. Kinda content with life. Maybe its the caffeine, but I’m sure that the atmosphere of Customs has something to do with it too.

I however would not recommend it for someone who really likes Starbucks for their coffee fix, they do not have the offer of caramel syrup in your latte, or any frappuccinos… although they do a really nice hot chocolate!

On some fridays I bake them a cake for them to sell over the weekend, to give them something different. Apparently its a hit with the customers. The Cake I make is a gluten-free, no refined sugar, chocolate orange cake. Its a wonderfully moist cake with a rich hum orange and a beautiful dark chocolate colour.

… recipe?

Here we go! :


Gluten- free, no refined sugar, Healthy Chocolate orange cake

Makes one medium cake

The real trick in this cake is to boil the oranges for 2 hours before making it. Because in the recipe you blend the whole oranges. Pulp, skin and all.  We use Almond flour for holding it together, and dates and figs made in to a syrup for the natural sweetener. Also, there is Cacao Powder in this cake for the element of choclateyness! Its like chocolate, but jam packed with antioxidants, magnesium, and wonderful nutrients that make you happy. And, Its Organic!!!! This is the brand I like to use.

ingredients for Date and fig syrup: makes a jar

  • 1/2 a jar full of soaked dates, in soaking water
  • 3-4 soaked dried figs

ingredients for  cake:

  • 2 oranges
  • 200g almond flour
  • 30g cacao powder ( use cocoa if you want)
  • heaped teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate soda
  • 4-5 eggs, I used duck eggs which are larger than normal, if using chicken use 5.
  • all the date and fig syrup

Preparing the oranges: Place the 2 oranges in a pot filled with boiling water to cover the oranges . Bring to full boil then lower to a simmer, pop the lid on, and leave to cook for 2 hours or so. (what we normally do is pop our pot on top of the fireplace to save gas!)  Let cool. A great thing to do is make these the night before and let cool over night!

Syrup: Get ya’ food processor out and throw in the ingredients. Whizz till its all paste, add a bit of water if needed! Pop in a jar and store in the fridge. This goes wonderfully over porridge or with yogurt and fruit!

Cake: Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celcius. Line a medium cake tin. Cut the boiled, cooled, oranges in half and place them in the food processor and whizzzzzz! Add the eggs, syrup, almond, baking and bicarbonate soda and the cacao, and whizz again, until everything is combined and well incorporated. oh look at that your done! Now just pour the mix in to the lined tin, and let it bake with fan on for 45-60 minutes, until you can stick a skewer into it and it comes out clean. Well, that easy! once done let it cool slightly before removing from tin. Serve a big lovely slice with a nice dollop of yogurt, maybe stir a squeeze of orange juice and some zest into the yogurt if you want!

This cake will last well covered in a tea towel up to 3 days… good luck keeping it there that long though!


These lovely looking models here are my very close friends Holley-Anne (brown hair) and Kate, happily offering themselves up to eat any amount of food needing photographing in the future…

Photos of Customs from © 2013 Coffee Supreme Limited + Customs Instagram

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