Oh no, another green drink.

Why do people on food blogs keep on posting recipes for green smoothies you may ask? You see them all over the place. And you know why? BECAUSE THEY ARE AMAZING.


Now, if you are like me, an avid explorer of the world of internet food, you will have no doubt seen a green drink. And to be honest, they all look pretty darn similar! A wonderfully vibrant green with the word HEALTHY like flashing lights all around.

Well this is the case simply because they are smashing. 

They have zoomed to the world like a meteor and hit us slap in the middle of internet food.

The point of the green smoothie is that you can really do anything you want with it! just throw in a good bunch of kale, spinach, chard, etc…. with some lovely flavours to go along with it, and bam you got one.

This drink isn’t just another green drink. It is a flavour bomb full of nutrition, protein, magnesium, vitamins, iron, calcium, and yumminess. You get a good whack in the face with the ginger, which is then soothed by the avocado, and then all the lovely fennel and lemony flavour comes out and dance on you tongue…

I sat in the garden to drink this one I made today, with my sexy dog Jasper (the worlds happiest dog), and seriously I felt like a plant… Meaning that in the most happy, full of life way possible. IMG_1097

Avocado Smoothie 

Serves 2.

Mix it up and use whatever greens you have on hand, or even use  double! Never can you have to many greens. 😉 Also, if you have a juicer I would recommend juicing the fennel, mint, card, spinach, pear and ginger together and then blending it up with your other ingredients. If you don’t have one,  blender will defiantly do the job just wonderfully. 


  • One Avocado
  • half a fennel bulb
  • One pear
  • a really big bunch of fresh, organic, spinach and chard!
  • a hunk of cucumber
  • a thick slice of pineapple
  • dill fronds
  • a good handful of mint leaves
  • a really good, 3-4 inch chunk of ginger!
  • juice of 1 whole organic lemon
  • 1/3 cup of icy cold water
  • A hand full of walnuts

Method: Juice the ginger, pear, fennel, greens, mint, cucumber, and pineapple if you have a juicer. If not, pop them into a blender with the water and whizz to a very juicy juice. Add the avocado, walnuts, and lemon juice and blend until you have a lovely thick smoothie. Top with anything you want, like coconut, berries, bee pollen…. DRINK. DRINK LIKE THIS IS THE LAST DRINK IN THE WORLD. Because it is that important.

Laura xxoxo

( Oh and I made this bread today, a no-knead bread that was lovely. The Recipe is from Green Kitchen Stories, one of my absolute favourite blogs.)collage

5 Responses to “Oh no, another green drink.”
  1. Amani says:

    I totally understand your obsession with green drinks! My favourite is the classic green monster from oh she glows. So good!

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