Sunday City Market- For Food Enthusiasts.

Markets. Aren’t they just amazing?

The idea of having lots and lots of different varieties of shops, set up into little stalls so curious people can wonder around, buy too many things and eat lots of tasters, is just beautiful! What a wonderful way to spend a sunday morning, by the seaside, on a sunny, windy day in wellington.

The Sunday morning city market undercover is held weekly, on sunday, at Chaffers Dock Building, right next to the harbour. It was started up by award-winning chef Martin Bosley and Rachel Taulelei of local food company Yellow Brick Road, who has the best fish supply in Wellington. They, amongst many other local food businesses, set up their stands in the building and open at 8:30 am, starting a wonderful day of inspiring food and pop up food suppliers, with happy music and often a cooking demonstration, all wrapping up at 12.30pm. mussles music cheese

I went there this last sunday for the third or fourth time with my good friend Jenny, who is a major food enthusiast and a wonderful cook. And it was truly lovely. We wandered around tasting great food and talking to nice people. Jen got a white bait fritter from a neat stall called Jocks white bait fritters and it was so simple and beautiful, they sold out quickly! jockswhitebaitfrittersWe went all around and outside as well to look at the street market, watch a woman make a really cool dosa, and look at the mass of vegetables all laid out beautifully for sale. Eventually we gravitated back to the Main market, I continued to marvel at beauty of the food, in this case it was the Ramen Shop. They are a pop up restaurant created by Asher Boote and Tsubasa Takahashi, from Pickle Eating House & Bar.  A place that I am wanting, but waiting to go to.) Asher Boote made noodles on an amazing machine in front of me at the front of the pop up stall. They were so perfect! Sadly, I am yet to try the famous, yet mysterious ramen noodles….. someday…..raman noodleshopdosa and veges This (right) is the woman who was making the dosa, taking a break with some juiced veggies from a few stalls down…

We were then pulled towards The House Of Dumplings. I. Just. I just can’t quite describe in words how delicious those damm fine dumplings are. They cannot be beaten by anything. Nothing. Ever. My extremely difficult choice ended up being a crystal prawn garlic chive dumpling, and a spinach tofu bok choy dumpling accompanied by a tangy ginger soy sauce. Just to make my day I got another Spinach dumpling for free. Joy. We walked away from the market to eat our dumpling by the water in the sun. Looking out at the sailing boats bobbing on the water.



After the market, Jenny and I went to her house and jarred some olives that we had soaking in brine for a few weeks. It was really nice and I definitely recommend soaking your own olives if you can get your hands on a good supply of them! olives

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