Nut & Seed Butter


Not much is better than a good jar of peanut butter, yet for me, homemade seed and nut butters knock peanut butter of the table. So many options on what kind of nut to choose from, all the different nutrition values that span across different types, and oh the flavour for each one is so different and unique it can be used in so many ways.

Making your own nut and seed butters is most definitely worth the little time it takes. You can control exactly what is, and isn’t in that jar or goodness!  The average peanut butter contain many unnecessary and bad ingredients that shouldn’t be in a jar of heaven.

By themselves, peanuts are pretty innocent, it’s the process of turning them into butter that make it iffy. To make peanut butter, the nuts are roasted, cooled, shelled, and ground. When other ingredients like salt, hydrogenated vegetable oil, dextrose, corn syrup and honey are added, the trouble starts. They may make the peanut butter smoother and lengthen its shelf life, yet add those nasty things that you just shouldn’t have on a spoon of peanut butter.

The ingredients list for a good jar of peanut butter should read: Peanuts, Salt. Or even better if its just Peanuts and no salt!

So if you don’t want to read every label next time you go to the market why not make your own nut butter here?


Today I choose to make some brazil nut butter, and some pumpkin seed butter. I would say that I choose those two carefully analysing the flavour and benefits, but that would be false. I simply had a overflowing amount of these nuts and seeds in the pantry and decided to whizz them up! Just as you can with any nut or seed you want to be able to spread.

For each on there is one ingredient. Brazil nuts. And Pumpkin seeds. No more, no salt or oil or sugar! Just simply the beautiful ingredient pan roasted then whizzed until perfection. This way of making the butters is not only beneficial for you health but also makes the butters easily used for just about anything!

For example, for dinner last night I roasted a whole lot of kumara/purple sweet potato, and baby leeks, added other scrumptious greens and poached eggs and topped it with my been dressing made from: Mint, Olive oil, lemon juice and zest, honey, salt and pepper and a great heaping table spoon of pumpkin seed butter!! It was a wonderful mix. Also these butters can be used as a sweet factor mixed with yogurt,fruit and honey for you breakfast. Or just Go back to basics and spread them on a good hunk of toast.


  • plain unsalted pumpkin seeds + extra

Using a large amount of the seeds toast them in a wide, dry frying pan until golden. If you can be patient enough let them cool first and them place them in a food processor and whizz until the seeds transform onto a smooth butter. This may take up to 5 minutes or more depending on your processor. Part way though the mixing it would be a good idea if you scrape the sides down to insure that all is combined. Done! If you want crunchy pumpkinseed putter simply add a handful of seeds and give the mix one final pulse so they incorporate!!! Transfer into a clean jar with a lid and keep in fridge for up to a month.


  • plain whole brazil nuts

Follow the recipe above for the pumpkin seed butter! If you want chunky texture chop up some extra brazil nuts and mix into the butter.

These two nuts and seeds are just some of many that can be done when making nut and seed butter. Try your favourite nut when making them, or maybe a combination of flavours! You can also add spices or other extras to personalise it. They Make a pretty good christmas present, make you own label and hand a jar to a friend this year. These are some of the flavours that i am going to try out next:

– Brazil nut + coconut flakes

– almond + vanilla paste

– Walnut + rosemary

– Pistachio + dried cherries

– Hazelnut + almond + Cinnamon + cloves + orange zest (CHRISTMAS FLAVOUR!)

So experiment and see what you get, before you know it nut and seed butters will be taking up you fridge space.



2 Responses to “Nut & Seed Butter”
  1. sweetashoney says:

    Awesome idea! I am using coconut butter but I will try to make my own brazil nut one 🙂

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