A damn fine cherry pie.


Mmmmmmmmmm cherry pie. With a cup of coffee. Heaven. Cherries have just come into season here in New Zealand and I just could not help but try out making a cherry pie such as the famous cherry pies from the 90’s TV series Twin peaks. One of my favorite shows of all time. I made this cherry pie especially for my Dads birthday seeing as he is also an avid Twin Peaks fan, and served it to him with a good cup of coffee.


Twin Peaks is a… different, TV series, what do you expect from David Lynch? And it is filled with sudden outbursts of love and admiration for both coffee and cherry pie, such as :

“This must be where pies go when they die.”  -Dale Cooper

[Great Northern waitress pours Agent Cooper’s coffee]

Cooper: Wait a minute! Wait a minute![sips, sighs blissfully]This is–excuse me–a DAMN fine cup of coffee.I’ve had I don’t know how many cups of coffee in my life, but this is one of the best.

Shelly: Would you like some pie?


Shelly: Do you want some more pie? A whole pie?


You get the idea.

CHERRY PIEuncookedpie-wecfb

As I said in an earlier post, cherry pie is also my dads and I favorite food to get at the coffee brew bar Customs. They reopened after Christmas this Saturday and seeing as they have changed food suppliers and no longer have cherry pie in the food cabinet, we decided to make our own.

I have attempted this Pie three times now, once for my Dads birthday, once because I wanted pie, and Now for this post! Each time it gets better an better even though each time eating it was a splendid experience. And guess what!!? NO GUILT IS REQUIRED WHEN EATING THIS PIE. IN FACT, IT IS FORBIDDEN. THIS PIE IS HEALTHY. That’s right. Healthy pie. It doesn’t matter if you make it vegan or gluten-free, as long as you use good, natural, UNPROCESSED ingredients, such as real honey, pure butter and unbleached flour. I promise you, all of the things that I put in the pie will contribute to that body of your in a good way. Don’t run away because it is a pie. You should be running towards it screaming and attacking everyone who gets in your way!!! …no violence though please…



makes One medium pie (feeds 6-8)


  • 150g white organic un-bleached flour
  • 150g almond flour/meal
  • pinch of salt
  • 80g cold organic butter, or ghee, or coconut oil if vegan
  • 1/3 cup of ice cold water, more or less

Mix the flours and salt together,add the butter and some of the water and rub the butter into the flour with your fingertips. Until all the water and butter has mixed though and it resembles breadcrumbs. If to dry, add a wee bit more ice water and continue mixing. Shape into a ball and divide in half. Roll out on half to be about 2-3mm think and 10ich diameter. Cut this in to strips for the lattice topping.roll out the other piece of pastry into a rough circle that in the same thickness as the topping. Place this pastry carefully into the pie case so that it is fitting well (if you want to be able to serve it out of the case then I recommend placing baking paper or tin foil underneath and let it spill over the sides to give you something to grab and lift the pie out when done). Pop the pastry case and lattice topping into the fridge to keep cool while you make the filling.


  • 800g-1kg of fresh cherries
  • 12 fresh medjool dates, or dried ones soaked in boiling water
  • 3 heaped tablespoons of raw good quality honey or real maple surup
  • a teaspoon of cinnamon
  • a heaped teaspoon of cornflour/cornstarch

Place the dates and honey in a small pot on heat and mash the dates with a fork and let the honey melt. Add the cinnamon and Mix until all combined. Pitt the cherries!!! yes, tedious, but worth it. I used my fingers to just pull apart the cherry and yank the pit out, but use a cherry pitter if you have one. Add the cherries to a bowl and then pour over the date mix, pop the cornflour in and give it all a really good mix.


Preheat the oven on fan bake to 200 degrees Celsius.Pour the pie filling into the pastry crust around the pie case. Get the lattice strips of pastry and lay on top of the filling however you want!Lightly brush the pie with melted butter, or coconut oil and place in the oven to cook for 30 minutes. After that turn the heat down to 100 and cook for a further 15 minutes.

Let the pie cool before removing it from the case. I find that the pie is nicer the second day, but still amazing the first. Cut into that Cherry pie and shove it in ya gobb with a large cup’a coffee!!!!! Oh and have some good quality Greek yoghurt with it too, that’s nice.

Have a nice pie!


pastry makeing-cherryboard-pastrycaseIMG_1117

7 Responses to “A damn fine cherry pie.”
  1. huntfortheverybest says:

    omg what beautiful crust. that pie is amazing!

  2. honeyhoney says:

    This is such a delicious recipe! You are an angel

  3. What a great looking cherry pie, I can taste it through the photographs. Your a photographer and a great cook!

    • Laura says:

      awww Jackie thank you, I’m nothing of a photographer compared to you though!!! I will have to come down and stay soon to learn some of your tips and tricks :))) xxx

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