New Blog: Ms-Spelt

Well, here’s the thing, I have created a new blog. The current Yoghurt Pot is becoming a never updated web address!

I wanted a new look, a new aim, so, welcome world to Ms-Spelt. (title explanation: I am somewhat dyslexic, spelt is a wonderful grain much used by me, mix them up with some terrible pun work =

There you go! I am still building the up ms-spelt, I have been trying to establish it as much as i can but it is still very new and theres not much there yet. so i will keep adding and adding! just subscribe to ms-spelt if you want to continue following my recipes :))

i hope you all are having better weather than i am here, eating tasty foods, and that your life is full of wonderful moments that lighten your days.

from Laura xx


One Response to “New Blog: Ms-Spelt”
  1. Thanks for the update. Will do Ms Spelt.

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